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As a result of Covid-19, we must introduce rules in relation to infection control.

We take infection control seriously and want to create a safe atmosphere for both you as guests and our employees.

We follow the authorities' recommendations.

  • It is important that you keep two meters away from those you do not know in the park.

  • In the route we will keep two meters distance all the way. If close contact becomes necessary in connection with rescue or help from a guide, the guides have a bandage.

  • Gloves are required from start to finish.

Feel free to bring your own helmet as a bicycle helmet or similar. Gloves can be bought at the reception, or you can bring your own thin gloves such as ski gloves or assembly gloves. Disposable gloves do not work in climbing slopes!


Harnesses and helmets are disinfected after use.


NOTE: If you feel sick, have flu or cold symptoms, you can not use the climbing park.



We welcome you to a safe climbing experience!

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