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The way forward

The construction of the Via Ferrata Halden Canal is a step on the way to making Brekke locks an attractive destination, both for paid experiences and for those who just want to visit the area.

The Haldenkanalen Regional Park is a collaboration between the municipalities along the Haldenkanalen with the intention of developing experiences and place qualities that inspire greater use of the area, and a basis for the development and establishment of industry. Physical facilitation for use has been identified as a clear focus area. We want a much larger audience to use nature for physical activity and nature experience.


Snøhetta Arkitekter has assisted us with concept development at an overall level, and with support from the Sparebankstiftelsen Halden, we have also carried out a feasibility study in Brekke. This has formed the basis for the development that is now taking place in Brekke.


One of the most resilient inputs that emerged in the process was the establishment of Via Ferrata and Zipline across the canal and the lock system. This is now being realized, although the road to here has been much longer than we assumed.

1.5 million in support from Sparebankstiftelsen Dnb for this project, 600,000 from Halden municipality and 400,000 from Østfold county municipality made us dare to start the project.


It is now well placed for us to develop Brekke into an attractive destination, both for paid experiences and for those who just want to visit the area. Here, place qualities and affordable experiences will reinforce each other.

We want to make the place more than an experience only for those who want to try out the airy attractions. Not least, it is important to make the overall impression as good as possible, and we will establish activities for children, facilitate service and in general make the place more pleasant to visit. Grants are being applied for in several places, and we hope that in a relatively short time we will also be able to build an exciting playground where children can climb without "guiding".


We thank everyone who has contributed both financially and in other ways so that we can realize Experience Brekke.

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